It is possible to lose 10 kg in a month

The goals for losing weight are very different, as are the ways to achieve them. Someone prefers a mild weight loss regime, in which the body does not suffer severe stress and its owner - a constant feeling of hunger. For others, it is easier to limit yourself to literally everything for a month, but lose a dozen pounds during that time. Does it make sense to run like this and how will the body feel if you lose 10 kg in a month? Are there safe ways to achieve this result?

Too much or too little?

There are safe ways

In fact, losing 10 kilos without harming your health is only real for those whose initial body weight is significantly higher than normal and the body mass index is above 30. This means that with a height ofa person over 170 cm, his body weight is over 100 kilograms. And when you lose 10 kg, you will lose just 10% of your weight, which doctors consider the maximum acceptable rate of weight loss.

However, most people who want to lose fast and a lot have a significantly lower body mass index - from 25 to 28. With a BMI of 25 (which is the upper limit of the norm! ), the height weight of170 cm is about 72 kg. And if you lose 10 kg in a month, then 14% of the mass will be lost, and this can already have quite unpleasant health consequences.

So, before setting up such a task, think about what is most important to you: at any cost, as quickly as possible, harmonize or advance a little more calmly towards the intended objective, but without harming itselfbody!

Absolutely everyone can lose 10 kg in 3 months with minimal effort, but at the same time, it is almost guaranteed that the lost fat will not come back, as is the case with rapid weight loss.

General rules

Who wants to maintain a healthy body and beautiful skin, nails and hair, it is better to lose 10 kg in 2 months, not in one. But if you still want to use extreme methods or if your weight is significantly higher than normal, at least try to follow the general rules that help to minimize the possible negative consequences of rapid weight loss:

  • Drink plenty of water - at least 1. 5 liters a day. This will reduce the load on the kidneys and the cardiovascular system, allow you to quickly remove toxins and toxins, and preserve beautiful skin.
  • Discard all convenience foods and canned foods. They contain many chemical additives that do not contribute to rapid weight loss and poison the body.
  • Eliminate sugar, baked goods and confectionery from your diet. If you really want something sweet, you can eat honey or dried fruit in small quantities.
  • Choose low-fat dairy products. This will allow the body to obtain enough calcium to maintain the strength of bones and teeth, but it will reduce daily fat intake.
  • dietary meat
  • Eat dietary meats: chicken breast, veal, lean meat, rabbit. In addition, it is best to steam or boil it, in extreme cases, fry it on the grill, but not in a pan with the addition of oil.
  • Eat seafood. They are very beneficial because they contain a lot of minerals and trace elements that help to keep the metabolism at a high level.
  • Cut the alcohol. In addition to the fact that it retains water in the body, its decomposition products poison the body, overload the liver and kidneys and destroy the brain. Regular beer consumption by men leads to female obesity due to the high content of phytoestrogens in the drink.
  • Eat fractionally. This will allow the body to digest food efficiently, smoothly consume the calories received and not put fat in the reserve.
  • Carbohydrates - in the morning. Carbohydrates that you don't have time to use in a day will settle on your side in the form of fat deposits overnight. If you want to lose 10 kg in a month - a carbohydrate dinner is not for you!
  • Watch out for the nuts. Nuts, seeds and nuts are the perfect snack for anyone on any diet. It helps to relieve hunger quickly and provides valuable nutrients to the body. But don't forget the calories. The daily fee is no more than a handful of this mix!
  • Juices and soft drinks. All carbonated drinks irritate the stomach and can cause inflammation. They should be excluded from the diet. There are 1-2 glasses of freshly squeezed juice on the menu each day.
  • Get more fiber. Thick vegetable fibers perform three useful functions at the same time: they eliminate hunger for a long time, stimulate intestinal motility, absorb and remove toxins. Its main source is fresh vegetables and fruits, bran, sprouted seeds and whole grain breads.

By just following these rules, you can easily lose 10 pounds in just two months, and if you add regular sports to it, it will be even faster.

Important! Ideally, such principles of nutrition should become the norm for everyone, in which case the weight will drop a little in two or three months, then stabilize and be kept at approximately the same level.

The 10 best diets

For those who can't stop thinking: “I want to lose 10 kg faster! ”, There are types of more rigid diets, which are mainly placed on the Internet. Nutritionists don't like extreme methods very much, since most of them slow down metabolism and disturb the balance of vitamins and minerals in the body.

Below are the top 10 popular diets, the analyzes of which among those who lost weight are not the worst:

  1. Curd. In a week, half a kilo of cottage cheese (up to 9% fat) and half a liter of low-fat kefir are consumed per day. Gradually add 1-2 fruits a day, 10-150 grams of whole grain bread.
  2. Vegetarian. Meat, poultry, fish are excluded from the diet and in the hard version - all products of animal origin. Vegetables - raw or steamed - make up 80% of the diet.
  3. Egg
  4. . Breakfast and dinner - 2 hard-boiled eggs, a slice of black bread, tea. For lunch - low-fat meat soup or vegetable broth, a piece of lean meat with a vegetable dish.
  5. Protein. The basis of the diet is low-fat cooked meat (usually chicken breast) and cooked, fresh or grilled vegetables. 1-2 fruits are allowed per day.
  6. Apple DietApple. In fact, on a mono-diet, you can stay with it for no more than 7 days, during which it takes on average a pound of body weight. The whole diet is 1. 5 kg of green apples and water.
  7. Cereal. Diet based on cereals, boiled in water, without adding salt and oil. 2 times a day, you can eat a vegetable salad with lemon dressing. It is very difficult to sit on it for an entire month.
  8. Juice. It assumes the presence of only freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices in the diet. If you sit on it for a week at most, it will help you lose 5 to 10 pounds. But with prolonged use, tooth enamel is destroyed, stomach pains appear and constipation begins.
  9. Fruit. Only sugar-free fruits remain in the diet, which can be consumed up to 2 kg per day. Alternation with low fat dairy products is allowed (in different meals).
  10. Chocolate. A very tough version of the mono-diet, which allows you to eat 100 grams of dark chocolate and drink green tea in unlimited quantities per day. Abuse of the diet can lead to various illnesses.
  11. Coffee. Before each meal (4-5 times a day), a cup of coffee is drunk. This allows you to eat less and speeds up your metabolism. But it overloads the heart and raises blood pressure.

As you can see, all effective diets that allow you to get rid of up to 10 pounds a month are not balanced.

Assessments from people who tried to deal with excess weight in this way, confirm that overall well-being after the first week is deteriorating significantly. So, is it worth tolerating or is it better to choose a healthier and more economical method?

Restrictions and contraindications

The use of any unbalanced diet and very rapid weight loss is strictly contraindicated:

  • Restrictions during pregnancy and lactation;
  • in the presence of any chronic diseases of internal organs;
  • acute liver or kidney failure;
  • problems with the nervous and cardiovascular systems;
  • oncological and autoimmune diseases;
  • after serious injuries and recent surgery;
  • with inflammatory processes active in the body;
  • if immunity is severely reduced for any reason;
  • during intense physical activity and / or strength training.

Imbalanced nutrition and insufficient calorie intake in these cases can lead to catastrophic consequences, which can lead to death.

Doctors have found that those who frequently go on low-calorie diets or starve gradually develop anorexia, a serious mental illness that interferes with normal eating. Its insidious character is that it is very difficult for a layman to catch the first symptoms. And when the disease manifests itself in full force, only an experienced psychiatrist can get rid of it. Often, placement in a special clinic is required.


With an initial weight of 100 kg or more, you can lose 10 kg in one month without physical effort, just by reducing the diet consumed by 20%. But it is unlikely that the result obtained in this way will be suitable for you. A figure losing weight quickly, left without a layer of fat, blurs and loses its clear outline. The person becomes completely shapeless, the skin flows and the muscles are difficult to see in their folds.

Active physical activity makes it possible to maintain muscle tone, maintain a high metabolic rate and increase calorie deficit, which now arises not only from the reduction of the usual diet, but also from regular training. The layer of fat that disappears is gradually replaced by muscle structure and the skin remains taut and beautiful.

At the basic level, walking for an hour in moderate strides or half an hour of aerobic training is sufficient. Gradually, the load must be increased, as the body adapts quickly to it.

Strength training should only be done when most of the fat has already been eliminated. Otherwise, you can get the opposite result: build muscle under the fat layer and get even bigger.

How to lose 10 kg a month

An indisputable fact is the claim that ways to lose 10 kg per month are not harmless to health. So it is important to listen to the advice of professionals, including nutritionists and fitness instructors. In general, the issue of losing weight in a month for any number of pounds should be addressed comprehensively, reviewing your diet and including physical activity in your daily routine. There are many options - from proper nutrition to calorie-restricted mono diets. Weight loss exercises also have a variety, depending on the area you want to train.


The simplest option is simply to separate food into prohibited and allowed. By feeding on this principle for all 4 weeks and exercising at least a few times a week, you will lose weight easily. The list of prohibited foods includes:

  • lard and other fatty foods;
  • alcohol
  • ;
  • salt;
  • sugar and all sweet foods;
  • spices;
  • sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup;
  • fried and smoked dishes;
  • refrigerant;
  • chips;
  • packaged juices;
  • fatty meats;
  • flour products.
lean meats

By simply eliminating these foods, you will begin to lose weight. It is necessary to replace them with healthy foods, which include:

  • Fresh, cooked, boiled or roasted vegetables, except potatoes;
  • skimmed milk and fermented dairy products;
  • hard-boiled eggs;
  • lean meats and fish;
  • cereals
  • ;
  • brown bread;
  • fruit without sugar.

Based on these two lists, you can lose weight for more than a month without a specific diet. But there are also special techniques designed to get rid of excess weight. You can get good results in a month with:

  • Japanese diet. It is based on the use of proteins. It can last from 7 to 14 days. The basis of the diet is foods that quickly satisfy hunger, such as fish, meat, eggs, olive oil, fruits, vegetables and cereals.

Slimming exercises

Depending on the specific goal, you can choose strength or aerobic activity for the diet, ie cardio. The latter are more effective in terms of burning fat and reducing volume. Strength exercises do not allow the skin to fall, which is especially important with such rapid weight loss in a month. In any case, you cannot start playing sports abruptly, if before the loads were limited to simple climbing stairs. The first should be a light warm-up, long walks and then try 15-minute workouts. Then the load can be increased gradually.

No diets

You can lose weight not only thanks to diets, but also some simple rules. The first is the mandatory reduction in calorie intake. It can be anything, the main thing is that you have a daily energy deficit. It consists of spending more calories than you consume. Thanks to this, the body will extract the energy it lacks from its own reserves. In addition to calories, it is important to follow a series of simple rules:

  • reduce the diet to 1500-2000 kcal and the portion size to 200-250 g;
  • eat 4-5 times a day, observing 3-4 hour intervals between meals;
  • stop pinching while watching TV or in front of the computer;
  • do not limit food after 6 pm - it is more appropriate to dine late 3-4 hours before bed;
  • replace all simple carbohydrates with complex ones, that is, do not eat sweets, but cereal;
  • include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet every day;
  • to prepare food by braising, boiling, roasting or steaming;
  • do not totally abandon your favorite delicacies, but simply consume them in small quantities and preferably in the morning;
  • Use the right spices, such as ginger, cinnamon, red pepper, turmeric and mustard.
mandatory reduction in calorie intake

Adequate nutrition less 10 kg per month

The above rules are also valid for the type of diet, such as nutrition. Although this technique is often considered even a lifestyle, because its principles can be followed for any period of time. The basis is a balanced diet with the amount of protein and carbohydrates that a person needs. The diet does not exclude sweets, but they must be healthy, for example, marshmallows, cheesecake, marmalade or normal curd casserole. The main dishes of adequate food are also healthy and no less tasty. You can study the detailed menu below.


The basic principle of diet in the form of adequate nutrition is mandatory breakfast. Your absence makes you overeat at night. In the morning, you can also eat something sweet. Lunch should include a portion of carbohydrates and proteins, and dinner should include only proteins. An example of a menu based on these principles can be composed as follows:

  • breakfast - rice with a slice of bread, small fruits, green salad and lemon tea;
  • snack - yogurt, a serving of cottage cheese, fruit;
  • lunch - lean fish with vegetable salad, 2 toast, still mineral water;
  • afternoon tea - a handful of nuts or dried fruits;
  • Dinner - steamed vegetables with steamed cutlet, a slice of bread, water or tea with lemon.

Effective 10 kg weight loss diets

Although adequate nutrition gives good results, many still choose diets in the "lose weight at 10 kg per month" category. Several effective techniques can be distinguished here. The most difficult option is express diets, limiting the diet to one or two foods. The weight loss on them is achieved most due to the loss of water. A protein diet, in which you can lose weight quickly, has good reviews, because protein is a natural fat burner. The vegan method with a restricted meat diet and the predominance of vegetable foods has excellent results.

Mono diet

Kefir diets are classified as highly effective diets. It won't take you a month to lose weight with it, but only 10 days. One of them must be discharging, when you cannot eat anything for a day, but just drink water. The basis for the remaining days is kefir with a maximum fat content of 2. 5%. A certain type of product is added to it every day:

  • 1 - 400 g of low-fat cottage cheese;
  • 2 - 500 g of cooked chicken fillet;
  • 3 - 500 g of fruit;
  • 4 - 500 g of fresh vegetables;
  • 5 - fasting day;
  • 6-10 days - any of the rations for the first 4 days daily.
Cottage cheese


Its main difference is the lack of meat. Prohibited foods include coffee, alcohol and peppercorns. In this case, the daily menu can consist of the following products and dishes:

  • Buckwheat or cooked rice;
  • bunting in the water;
  • cooked, steamed or grilled vegetables;
  • rye bread;
  • hard-boiled eggs;
  • mushrooms;
  • low-fat kefir, milk and cottage cheese;
  • fruit without sugar.


Another great option is a protein diet. In addition, it helps maintain muscle tone. The basic principle is the almost complete restriction of carbohydrates. They are replaced by proteins. It is recommended to combine this diet with exercise throughout the month. This will help to shape the body. Sample menu for a month:

  • breakfast - milk or any other fermented milk drink;
  • snack - 150 g of rice porridge;
  • lunch - lean meat with sliced ​​vegetables or a bowl of skim soup;
  • afternoon tea - cottage cheese with plain yogurt;
  • dinner - 2 boiled eggs, a portion of fish;
  • before bed - a glass of fresh oranges or apples.

10 kg weight loss plan

In addition to designing a diet plan for a month for more effective weight loss, it is recommended to develop a training system. It will depend on whether you exercise at home or go to the gym. When making a monthly plan, women should focus on cardio, which, along with diet, helps burn fat more efficiently. Men are best suited for serious strength loads that help build muscle. When choosing exercises, consider their complexity, especially if you are a beginner athlete.

At home

Even at home, you can do this effectively with just a few dumbbells and weights. The start of a workout is a warm-up, for example, cardio or some of the simpler exercises - squats and push-ups. At the end of the session, cooling in the form of stretching is recommended for proper muscle formation. The main series can include the following exercises, performed in 3 series of 8 to 10 repetitions:

  • stored, possible with dumbbells;
  • twist;
  • push-ups;
  • board for 30-60 seconds;
  • squat, including ply;
  • raising the pelvis while lying down;
  • leg lifting;
  • "scissors" or "bicycle".

At the gym

The principles of exercise design for the gym remain the same. It is recommended to use a treadmill, exercise bike and ellipsoid as a cardiovascular load. The basic set of exercises can be as follows:

  • pressure bar;
  • lying dumbbells;
  • Squat with barbell on the shoulders;
  • leg extension
  • in the simulator;
  • arms standing with dumbbells;
  • standing on tiptoe in the simulator;
  • twist;
  • hyperextension
  • .
bench press

Fat burning training minus 10 kg per month

Interval and circuit training are considered more effective in terms of fat loss. They are more intense. Specifically, interval training is an alternation of 4 minutes of complexes of 20 seconds of physical activity and 10 seconds of rest. For such activities, you can choose any exercise depending on the problem areas. Squats, lunges, push-ups, sit-ups in the press, etc. are suitable. Circular training consists of continuously performing a series of exercises, for example:

  • squats;
  • push-ups;
  • jumping starfish;
  • any abdominal exercise;
  • swinging legs;
  • lunges;
  • exercise "bike".


I don't like diets, so I decided to lose weight simply, following some simple rules. She limited her diet to 1, 500 kcal a day. Eliminated, greasy, fried sweets. I did light exercises and stretching every day. For a month, I managed to lose just 8 kg.

I have stomach problems, so diets are contraindicated for me. Following the advice of a doctor, I switched to adequate nutrition. I only did cardio on a treadmill or exercise bike. The total for a month is still more than 10 kg, but my weight was initially large, so I managed to lose weight very quickly, even without a special diet.

How to lose weight without harming your health

Why are nutritionists on a united front against malnutrition? There is an opinion that most diseases that occur in humans are the result of a poor diet with a lack of vitamins and minerals. A striking example is the so-called scurvy. A very dangerous disease that can be treated with common ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

lose weight without harming health

If a woman simply cuts her diet to reduce the level of calories consumed, in addition to losing weight by 10 or more pounds, this will lead to an overall deterioration in well-being, brittle hair and nails and pale skin. But is there a real way to lose 10 pounds in a month, without harming your health? Of course, yes, and this is the usual proper food.

The essence of weight loss

How to lose 10 kg in a month? To do this, you don't need to look for magic pills or sophisticated modern methods, for which you can order a good sum (like Elena Malysheva's diet), just know and follow the principles of proper diet to lose weight. At the same time, not only will the stomach and sides lose weight, but also the face, arms, legs and the whole body as a whole.

Remember that the more active a person's weight loss lifestyle is, the better results they can achieve in a shorter period of time without harming their health. Spending more calories is a necessary factor in successfully losing 10 pounds. The less you move, the longer it will take.

10 kg weight loss rules:

  • Before losing weight in a month, be sure to exclude baked goods with yeast from your diet. If you can't eat without bread, replace it with pita bread or unleavened diet bread;
  • give preference to diet meats (chicken breast, lean meat) and fish cooked in the oven or steamed;
  • eat vegetables and fruits in the morning, with the exception of cabbage, which you can eat all night;
  • Have a hearty breakfast and skip dinner. Ideally, breakfast should contain more than 30% of the daily calories. As for dinner, it should be light and served no more than five hours before bedtime;
  • never let yourself go hungry. A hungry stomach is the worst enemy of weight loss. The constant desire to eat, without satisfying the needs of the stomach, leads to disturbances in the nutritional system, malaise and depressed mood. Make a snack with apples, dried fruits, low-fat kefir, cottage cheese or yogurt;
  • If you want to lose 10 pounds in a month and not harm your health, remember that 80% of your diet should consist of vegetables, fruits and cereals. The rest of the gap is filled with meat and dairy products. All of this should be consumed every day, taking into account the necessary calories.