Experience in the use of Keto Guru

As Keto Guru gave me back my confidence

in Austria there is no such thing as nutrition. Such a conclusion I made on my sad experience. More precisely it is, but at the level of some obscure ruthless diets, which all tell each other, where many are sitting, and which ultimately does not help anyone.

After the second pregnancy and child birth at the age of 30 I gained 32 lbs! Before that I was thin enough. While I fed the baby, I put up with it, consoling myself that hormones come back to normal and I'll get your beautiful figure. But it was much more difficult.

My experience of struggle against excess weight

Keto Guru experience using

For 15 years I have tried everything with the help of which according to some they lose weight:

  • A varied diet: buckwheat, Japanese, and Seeds, kefir, protein. I tried even hungry!
  • Regularly went to the gym, doing aerobics, Eastern dances. However before I went there, the weight seems to be gone though very slowly, but soon ceased to do – gain weight even more.
  • Saw various miracle cocktails, cleaned the body, I used Goji berries, green coffee. Did wraps, massages, in General, was active in the war against excess weight. BUT NOTHING HELPED. Only wasting money!

And that's when the hand fell on the birthday of his sister I met a well-known nutritionists in our city. I told her about my problem and she encouraged me to try effervescent tablets Keto Guru (Bio-slimming Supplement due the natural fat-burning), explained how to use it, warned that the result will be only with regular use of the drug.

Keto Guru reviews

My experience with tablets Keto Guru

Don't know why, but I believed her and ordered these pills. I'm starting to accept them. Tablets are slightly sweet, chemical taste not pleasant. The regimen is very simple - 1 tablet per day before meals.

In three weeks I lost 10 kg While I didn't do anything at all. Well, except that I reduced quite a bit fatty food, sweet. For the next 2 weeks lost 4 pounds. Then ordered another course and in total I lost 28 kg! Without any effort!


Cute woman relax and enjoy life, and Keto Guru take care of Your body! Stop torturing yourself with endless diets and cry into my pillow at night. It's time for a change!